How fanatic of POKEMON GO are you?

Pokémon go

An idea born as a joke became one of the biggest video game phenomenon in history, surpassing Twitter in active users. Pokemon GO is recently available in Latinamerica but the craziness is global.

In any city we can see people chasing POKEMONS with the only purpose of becoming masters of this little creatures.

The reason for the game´s success is the implementation of two concepts considered futuristic: augmented reality, which uses the mobile device´s camera to blend the real life with the game.

While POKEMON has sparked interest in users of all ages, many invest lots of hours a day trying to find, chase and train characters to win battles and move forward in the game. On the other side, users are investing real money to buy pokecoins to achieve the same goal.

Whatever your case is, we are convinced that POKEMON GO is here to change the way we interact with videogames and the performance we expect from them.

So, are you fan of POKÉMON GO?


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