Keep your bets memories from the past with Google PhotoScan


Recently Google has unveiled the new mobile app for digitalizing photographs: PhotoScan.

The new app called the scanner of the future for photographs of the past, promises to offer improved digital scans, with automatic edges detection and smart rotation.

PhotoScan is a very fast app, which allows you to scans lots of images in short time.

The suppression of reflections and flashes is one of the biggest features of the app, giving you digitalized images almost looking like the original.

David Lieb, leader of product development for Google PhotoScan explains that the ideas is to persuade people to digitalize their pictures before they lose them. “These images are at risk. At risk of losing them while moving, in a fire, a flood or theft. Every day that passes by these photographs are vanishing – literally vanishing”, says Lieb.

This tool has a new and improved automatic enhance feature, unique appearance options and advanced edition options. Also comes with 12 filters to suit your style.

The editing tools allows you to control light and color, and adjust shades and warmth in photographs.

¿How to scan a photo?

  1. Place the picture in a light room over a plane surface.
  2. Place the photo inside the scan area.
  3. After taking the first picture four white dots will appear on screen. Move the device to the four dots to take 4 more pictures.
  4. Automatically you will have an improved photograph and with no flashes or reflections.
  5. You can use the editing tools in the app or storage your digitalized photos in Google Photos.


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