Top 5 YEZZ smartphones to give away for the Holidays

YEZZ smartphones

The Holidays are always a good opportunity to give back to those who have given us thru all year. What better way to give back to family and friends than with a high-tech smartphone, assembled with high quality components and always the best price.

YEZZ, as a global brand of mobile devices makes an effort to create costumed products for each user, adapting to their style, functionality, size and budget needs.

Under this premise and focused on transforming technological ideas into affordable products that improve the user´s life, YEZZ offers the best 5 smartphones to give away this Christmas:



Transport yourself anywhere and dive into a virtual reality adventure with 5.5M LTE VR.

This model is available in Amazon for $119.


Face anything with the powerful LCD display of the 5M LTE protected with Dragron Trail.

Available in Amazon from $99.


Designed for those who want to differentiate themselves with vibrant and relaxed personality. Its ultra-thin design, super lightweight and vibrant colors will definitely set eyes on you.

Find this model in Amazon from $69.99.

YEZZ 3.5E2

Live a memorable experience with your first smartphone, the 3.5E. Everything you need in your first mobile experience.

Buy it now in Amazon from 35$.


A practical and thin design for those who want to be communicated anywhere.

Available in multiple colors to suit your style and from $15 in Amazon.

Costa Rica virtual reality

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