5 tips to enjoy virtual reality to the maximum

the virtual reality

Without a doubt, 2016 was virtual reality´s year. Throughout the year we have been hearing about this technology that existed from years before, but recently due to advances in technology in general, it became accessible to all.

The first thing at our reach were 360° videos and images. But virtual reality is not just about the ability to see in this type of environment, (360/2D Youtube or Facebook videos) but also, if we go a little further into the true essence of virtual reality, it allows us to submerge ourselves in the content y be part of it. In other words, it allows us to tele transport into a new reality (which can be real, fictional or surreal).

In this context, to make a better use and make the most of Virtual Reality, is fundamental:

  • Use a comfortable headset

There are multiple choices from the economic to the functionality of the glasses. Before making your purchase, make sure they are appropriate for the type of face and visual capacity of the user. The better the fit to the shape of our face, the lower the light entering our eyes, allowing a more immersive experience.

It is important to have in mind that the nose bridge is broad and that the adjustment straps are made with soft, elastic material, avoiding plastic. Also, the headset must have some type of cushion as they will be in direct contact with our face.

The VR viewers are like sunglasses or reading glasses: there are generics to suit everyone, but the more they suit our needs, the better the experience.

  • Incorporate headphones

If we consider that the key of Virtual Reality is to generate an immersive experience, sound and music are key to enjoying the environment in which we are submerging. Currently, companies are working on 360° sound for a complete immersion experience with video and audio.

  • Sit comfortably

Using a swivel chair is one of the best options to make the most out of the 360° visual field of the virtual worlds. Being comfortable and living the new reality que are experiencing is essential. The downside of standing is that the user may tire more easily.

  • Try different contents

The uses may vary: from newspapers offering VR documentaries, through videogames, natural spaces and musical experiences. The offer range is becoming wider, so it is important that users choose the ones that best suit their preferences and do not forget to enjoy the experience.

  • Measure the time

Not all bodies are the same: some people may experience headaches or dizziness after a long exposure to virtual reality. This occurs because the headset is not appropriate for us. The same happens when we use reading glasses that are not for us. For this reason is important to choose a device that suits the user’s needs.

Source: Prensario CE
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