Reflect your personality through the color of your smartphone!


Since we are children we realize that we feel preference for certain things: toys, people, TV series, music and –most common- colors.

These preferences remain until we´re adults. Specifically the choices we make regarding colors are supported in the psychology of colors; a field that analyzes the effect that colors have in our perception and in human conduct.

According to this discipline, colors arouse certain emotions in people; for example, red inspires love, power and passion; black inspires strength and elegance and it´s used for luxury items.

Under this premises, the brands choose their logos, packaging and product´s colors to appeal for emotions in their customers. Even when we think it doesn´t, this theory has the same effect when you buy a smartphone. Some people prefer gray, others white and others choose vibrant colors such as yellow, red or orange.

Which color do you prefer when you buy a smartphone?

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